Bohemia Smith Falls-Champion Creek

April 13, 1986

Eighteen hardy souls left the South High parking lot on a morning that looked less than promising. As we drove east toward Dorena the rain came pouring down. At the trailhead, which is the same as Noon Day, the rain stopped and the day became partly sunny.

The trail was consistently uphill but a moderate grade. We hiked along Champion Creek following a logging road. There were large rock walls covered with various fern and lichen. The surroundings were woodsy with many wild flowers. The creek was crystal clear and swift, cascading over large boulders. Much mining is evident with placer signs and several tunnels.

The interesting and friendly hikers included Paul Cohen, Karen Houglum, Dewey Porter, Carrie Werth, Art Wild, Lois Yoshishige, Lou Bauder, Joella Ewing, Dorothy Hayes, Dot Leland, Anne Montgomery, Virginia Prouty, Henrietta Richmond, Parker Riddle, Suzanne Steussy, and leaders Ellen and Bob Tracy.

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