Spirit and Moon Falls

March 30, 1986

The weather people predicted bright, warm sunshine. Twenty-four Obsidians and friends braved heavy Oregon mist to spend Easter walking to Moon and Spirit Falls. The leaders promised sunshine and, indeed, there was after several hours of misty low clouds which gave the forested areas an ethereal look. The blue sky was welcome as rain gear could be taken off.

The two Falls are in the Calapooya Mountains 30 miles east of Cottage Grove on the Patterson Mountain Road (no. 17). Moon Falls is the upper falls and was running very full; it was renamed Bridal Veil for the day because of the enormous white water veil at the top. Spirit Falls is smaller and set in a grotto like setting. It is down a reasonably steep, short trail from the road. The hikers saved it for dessert after having walked nearly 8 miles.

The trillium and other wild flowers were in bloom, one frog sang loudly, and Moon and Spirit Falls were a treat for Obsidians and guests including Peter Berkowitz, Mary Bridgeman, Barbara and Gary Chinn, Bob and Leona Devine, Dallas and Jack Cole, Shirley Froyd, Gary Marx, Joanne Haines, Miki Hutchison, Ruth McCalop, Virginia Prouty, Anne Montgomery, Mary Millman, Linda Wells, Peggy Robinson, Harlo Perrin, Karen Seidel, Art Wild, Parker Riddle, leaders Maxine Hall and Mary Ellen West.

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