Kentucky Falls/Roman Nose Mtn

March 2, 1986

March 2 was a beautiful day and 26 people came out to enjoy it by walking on the Kentucky Falls Trail in the Siuslaw Forest approximately 10 miles southeast of Mapleton. The trail meanders down Kentucky Creek through old growth and second growth Douglas fir. The trilliums were out in bloom. The trail has three falls: The first, within ¾ mile is the upper Kentucky Falls; the other two are side by side at the end of the two mile trail. One is the lower Kentucky Falls and the other is the North Fork of the Smith Fiver Falls. Just below the two falls Kentucky Creek joins the North Fork of the Smith River. The three waterfalls are approximately 80 to 90 feet in height. Timing for the walk was superb; because of the recent rains, the falls were running full.

After enjoying the Kentucky Falls Trail the group returned to the trailhead and stopped for a lunch break. Then it was back into the 6 cars and off to Roman Nose Mountain. From the parking area it’s a short distance to the top. The view was magnificent! The Cascade Range was visible to the east from Mt. Hood to south of Diamond Peak. The major mountains in the Coast Range were on view as well. The scars of the Oxbow burn were visible to the south. Fog on the coast precluded seeing the Pacific. Ewart Baldwin helped with a geology lesson.

The access to the area is not difficult if you know where you are going. In otherwords, take the Siuslaw map and use it. The easiest way from Eugene is to drive out Highway 126 and turn left at the Whittaker Creek turnoff. Within a few miles, turn right across the river to the Whittaker Creek Campground and proceed on to the Dunn Ride; Road, a left turn. Stay on the Dunn Ridge Road past Roman Nose Mountain and within a short distance at a Y, turn right. The sign will tell you that you are head in the right direction; it is a bit down the road after making the turn.

The following Obsidians and guests enjoyed a glorious day: Barbara Baird, Ewart and Margaret Baldwin, Vernon Barkhurst, Ted Briles, Hal Busby, Barbara Chinn, Judy Forell, Bob Foster, Carol Houde, Marie Graville, Miki Hutchison, Mae Jackson, Bonnie 1 ford, Ruth McCalop, Barbara Moore, Harlo Perrin, Lin Pierce, Dewey Porter, Virginia Prouty, Art Wild, Karen Seidel, Barbara Elsen, Mary Jean Peterson, and leaders Maxine Hall and Mary Ellen West.

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