News Years on Spencer Butte

January 1, 1986

Several Obsidians began the annual New Year’s hike up Spencer Butte at the prescribed time of 10 a.m., but many more came to “do the butte” at various times throughout the day. Morning hiking was showery and it was breezy on top, but as the day progressed the weather changed to a warm, sunny afternoon. Those climbing after noon got a different enjoyment out of the excursion than the early birds, but everyone I talked to had a great time anyway.

Some hikers climbed up the west side while others took the southside trail then zigsagged up the east side to the rocky ridge. Some hikers braved the elements and had lunch on top while others opted to return to the base for eats. Several of us I took the south and east trai1 up but returned by the steeper west trail—both were muddy and slippery. We constantly were meeting not only Obsidian hikers but many other folks from small tots to older adults conquering Spencer Butte on this first day of the new year.

—Lois Schreiner

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