Christmas Party

December 19, 1986

Dave Predeek selected a tall, stately tree for our December 19th party, a tree which the Princesses decorated. Vera Woolley, Mary Bridgeman and Gladys Grancorvitz “warmed” up the lodge for the 43 guests.

Mary “warmed” up again in her bird costume as she played the lead in the “Christmas Cookie Sprinkle Snitcher.” This creature nicknamed CSS stole all the sprinkles so that all coookies were left bare. Thanks to a plucky lad named Nat and to some not so great singing by some wonderful Obsidian volunteers, the sprinkles were returned. CSS passed out bags of popcorn to make up for her crime.

Dave was not so well hidden in his red Suit and whiskers but he went right to work and passed out those gifts.

The “warmest time” of all happened when members shared some of their Christmas customs, German cookies, Czechoslovakia mushrooms and eggs, saffron cake, English Christmas pudding, Danish rice pudding, and throwing bananas out of the window to Christmas carolers made all of us wish for less hectic holidays.

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