Middle Sister

August 30-September 1, 1986

Middle Sister via South ridge from Camp Lake — the weatherman cooperated with good weather for the three day backpack and climb. The leader was pleased with the enthusiasm and performance of the party, considering the rigors of the climb route after telling them before the climb that is was an easy route. The entire party of 13 made the summit!

From 6952 ft Camp Lake to the 10,047 ft summit required about 5 hours for most of the climbers. One climber required 6 hours for the ascent. Many thanks to John Jacobsen for his patience and assistance with the slower climber.

We enjoyed the second night at base camp with a warm balmy, evening and bright sunshine for the 7 mile hike out to Pole Creek Springs trailhead on Labor Day.

Happy climbers were Rick Berkhardt, Jan Baker Jacobsen, John Jacobsen, Vi Johnson, Christine Ligneau, Betty Macy, Charlotte Mills, Joan Morgan, Kathy Perkins, Henrietta Richmond, Suzanne Steussy and leader Wes Prouty.

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