Middle Sister

August 2-3, 1986

We drove to Frog Camp Saturday morning, stopping occasionally for Vi’s cinnamon rolls and other essential items for pre-trip carbo loading. It was a leisurely hike in to Sunshine Meadow under mostly sunny skies. The rest of the afternoon was spent in varying outdoor pursuits including brief swims in Arrowhead Lake, au naturale sun worshipping, conserving energy for the next day’s activities (napping), and exploring and scouting the area. The night sky was beautifully clear affording excellent views of constellations, failing stars, and the four wanderers now visible along the ecliptic.

Early to bed meant early to rise, but not necessarily early up the mountain as we departed camp shortly after 6 am. We wound our way up amongst the gullies staying on snow as much as possible and grunted our way up the accursed scree to the summit by 10:30 a.m. It was a bit hazy but the views were still magnificent. Butterflies swarmed by the thousands in the still air on top. We bouldered back down to the Renfro Glacier where we began a series of breathtaking glissades on very soft, forgiving snow. The initial glissade, however, may have left some a little too short of breath. After arriving back at camp we lounged about contentedly in order to steel ourselves for the hipnotic death march back out to frog Camp.

Those participating were first time peak bagger Dr. Win Ahrens, assistant leader Master Baba Ram Wendy Sue Bob Planet, Carol Horvath (modeling the latest in mountain attire), Tom Cawi, Raymond Collins, Becky Hansen, Penny (the sprinter) Hunting, and first time leader, Rick Ahrens.

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