The Husband

July 26-27, 1986

John and Jan hiked to Husband Lake via Devil’s Lake and the Skyline Trail; Bert and Tim came in Foley Ridge on Friday night; Mary arrived Sunday morning. Somehow we all made contact by 8 a.m. and started up the Husband under a perfect summer day.

It had been only 15 years since the leader was last up this peak, so we floundered around a bit finding the right gully to ascend. John found a nice variation on (relatively) good rock that should be considered by future parties. Everyone on top around 11 am. after an extremely leisurely ascent — the way climbing was meant to be! Enjoyed the summit a long while. Summit box still there, but no book.

Descended back into mosquito heaven. Some of the party left immediately while the rest remained another night. A very enjoyable trip well worth repeating. Climbers were Tim Cook, Mary Fulton, John and Jan Baker Jacobsen, and leader Bert Ewing.

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