Broken Top

July 19, 1986

A group of four hiked up Fall Creek Trail to the spring above Green Lakes. It was windy but clear. We set up camp and relaxed for the afternoon hiking to Green Lakes or reading. The wind blew through the night. At one point I was awakened by voices but they drifted away.

We had the same relaxed start in the morning. Moving up the northwest ridge at a steady pace, we passed a few early birds on the way down. Stopping about half way to our goal for a snack, the voices from the night before caught up with us — Bud Proctor and his son, Doug. We completed the ridge together. Bud, and Doug took a route that differed from the traditional to the summit. Carol and I kept to the usual. We all met on the summit for lunch and a great view. We spent quite awhile there and were joined by the leaders of an Outward Bound group. We descended by ridge or scree to camp.

The four of us who came together headed directly for the car and then on to Elk Lake Resort. Carol refreshed herself with a swim and ice cream, the rest of us settled for ice cream.

The Broken Top bunch were Tom Cawi, Lee Hatch, Carol Horvath, Bud Proctor, Doug Proctor and leader Jane Hackett.

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