Mt Hood

May 17, 1986

The tragic events leading up to the day our climb was scheduled made us consider cancelling. However, because near perfect weather was predicted and the group was eager to attempt the first mountain of the season, four of us went ahead with the climb.

We arrived at Timberline Lode Friday evening, and observed the final efforts of the rescue operation. The sadness of the area again made us question why we were there. We started climbing at 2 a.m. and soon all of our thoughts were on the climb. The summit was reached by 10:30 a.m. I counted over 75 climbers near the hogback, so we had lots of company.

The tragedy on the mountain made the four of us realize the need to properly plan and equip a climb. We observed the weather more closely, and took along basic equipment that on other climbs we would have left home. In other words, we are now more aware than ever of the dangers of the mountain, and how we can enjoy our sport and protect ourselves from the elements.

The four mountaineers were Jerry Mohler (leader), along with Sid Pollard, Bob Kiene and Jeff Turay. We all had a wonderful time.

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