Maiden Peak

April 21, 1985

This ski climb of Maiden Peak turned into rather more of an adventure than was intended, what with the stormy weather and faulty route finding on the part of the leader. Since the Willamette Pass ski lifts had closed for the season, we skied up the Rosary Lakes trail to the far end of lower Rosary Lake and then headed up toward Maiden Peak. The trail breaking was arduous, but the party was equal to it, so we made our way to the upper part of the peak, stopping for lunch where it was sheltered before braving the elements higher up.

After lunch, as we reached open areas near the summit, we were exposed to the brunt of the storm which seemed more of mid-winter than mid-April intensity. Since we all found this display of weather exciting rather than intimidating, we pushed on for the top. Up there, the wind was blowing and we could see the trees turning white as the ice formed on their needles. After some hasty pictures, we got out of there, skiing down by a different route since our ascent route had wandered about a bit and wasn’t steep enough to provide much of a run in the deep snow. I set the compass for a course that should have brought us out at about Middle Rosary Lake, but it was calculated to do so from the summit and our course down the steep upper part of the mountain carried us to the south. In any event, as we got down, it became evident that we should have hit a lake and hadn’t, so after some consultation we bore more to the north. Just as things were becoming really embarrassing, we hit the Rosary Lakes trail just below lower Rosary Lake so didn’t have to flounder about in the dark looking for the highway.

Enjoying this ski up Maiden Peak under “full conditions” were Eckhard Auberlen, Tim Cook, David Freudenberg, Hugh McMahan, and leader John Mowat.

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