McKenzie Pass, gate to gate

April 6-7, 1985

With promises of clear skies and a full moon, eight adventurous skiers left sunny Eugene for a weekend of snow camping and 25 “short” miles on our annual McKenzie Pass, gate to gate, overnighter.

In no time the sun block and shorts came out as we basked in the views at Windy Point and Dee Wright Observatory. Just when the ruts on our shoulders were beginning to get obvious, we reached our campsite. As the sun set, casting glows on North and Middle Sisters, we began to settle in. Saundra invited us all down to her snow cave “open house” while Doris shared in her birthday celebration by providing us all with decadent chocolate treats. We in tent city couldn’t be more contented. True to her Type A workaholic patterns, Chris brought an alarm clock, assuring everyone an early start. But Velma sounded the alarm when she ventured out at dawn and exclaimed that the Easter Bunny had visited us all during the night. We all tried to track where the paw prints went to, but never found its home. After a long ski out, all came through with energy to spare. What a welcome sight the van was! Many thanks to Bob and Pat Dark for helping with the shuttle.

Skiers were Doris Allen, Mary Fulton, Saundra Miles, Velma Shirk, Gerry Tomseth, (Bunny) Joe Turner and leaders Tom Donnelly and Chris Shuraleff.

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