Redtop Mountain

March 17, 1985

This was possibly the first Obsidian XC ski trip up Red Top Mountain, a 6950 ft. peaklet behind Fawn Lake, which is rapidly becoming well known for its superb skiing and scenery. On this trip the weather was clear and snow conditions were not bad, so we experienced the mountain at its best. The route starts from the Crescent Lake Sno Park and proceeds to the Fawn Lake trailhead. At that point one turns left up an old path instead of taking the trail. Then a compass course of 255 degrees true for a mile and a half of so, picking one’s way where the trees are thinnest, brings one to the top of the east ridge of the mountain where one turns to travel due west. The trees thin and become prominently timberline hemlocks and one comes out at the north side of the ridge where it drops off steeply and affords a splendid view of the steep north face of the mountain. From there one climbs a short steep open slope and tops the final almost flat summit ridge which runs northerly. We reached the summit around 1 p.m. and while eating lunch enjoyed the superb view from Thielsen in the south to Jefferson in the north with Lakeview Mountain closer at hand and Fawn Lake seemingly at our feet. After 45 minutes telemark practice in a little bowl near the summit, we headed down the mountain. Participating in the climb and thrilling descent were members Tim Cook, Richard Heinzkill, Dave Predeek, and leader John Mowat, and nonmembers George Morel and Leigh Williams.

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