Meadow, Island, Link, Hand Lakes

March 9, 1985

There is nothing unlucky about the number thirteen! Just ask any one of (13) lucky lake loopers who went on this first obsidian seven mile ski tour into Meadow Lake: Elliot Aronin, Dallas and Jack Cole, Clay and Mark DeForge, Corinne Hunt, Herb Lee, A1 Niems, Eugene Scott, Diane Schachter, Andrea Weise and leader Dot Leland.

We started down road #138 (3 miles past Hoodoo), skied up to Island Lake, played around on the slopes and made a loop run downhill out to the road again. After stopping at Link Lake we skied into the Meadow Lake area where we had lunch—more playing around, relaxing, enjoying the weather and the clear views of Washington, Three Fingered Jack, Jefferson and Hayrick.

After lunch we skied some more down the road and on the way out found Hand Lake about one half mile off the road, where Mark built a snowman. We all couldn’t believe how lucky we were—bright, sunny day, good snow, great group, a memorable day in the snow. Al summed it up, “it was beautiful, beautiful.”

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