Berley Lakes

February 17, 1985

Destination was not guaranteed on the sign up sheet since Berley Lakes, even with Glenn Meares in the lead, can sometimes be just out of reach. Trying the route due north from the parking lot, we found the snow packed and troublesome, the route sometimes obscure. Moving up to the famous, “illusive” meadow burned a great deal of energy. And so did dodging trees!

Dave Predeek was tremendously valuable, usually out in front, as we bushwacked through to a splendid lunch spot (about 1:15 p.m.) above the site of the old Jack Shelter. By then snow conditions were marvelous and being out in the open spaces with dazzling views felt like a small bit of heaven. Several people rested after lunch while the rest skied on until 2 p.m., hoping to reach the lakes. We came close, but did not reach them. We turned back to give ourselves plenty of time going out.

Skiing out was difficult on the last stretch—icy, winding among trees, messy trail. The group was very good natured and seemed able to accept the sling and arrows of the day.

Skiers included Sandra Larsen, Madeleine and Winfrid Liepe, Herb McMurtry, Ginny Nelson, Dave Predeek, Pete Ruby, Andy and Marie Anne Thompson, with Emmy Dale sometimes leading, sometimes following.

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