Hoodoo to Suttle Lake

February 2, 1985

After a month of cool, frosty weather and little precipitation I was concerned about what sort of snow conditions we would encounter on the ski trail between Hoodoo and Suttle Lake. Several days prior to the scheduled trip it began to snow and on Saturday morning there was more than half a foot of fresh powder. I was very much surprised at the large number of people who showed up—22 this year as opposed to only 12 who showed up for the same trip last year. I was concerned about keeping the group together and fortunately no one became lost or injured.

We began by shuttling our vehicles around to Suttle Lake and started skiing at the new log shelter at the Ray Benson Parking Area. The weather was cooperative with snow showers off and on and very little wind. We took turns breaking trail and skied the North Loop Trail past Circle Lake and Island Lake. We passed through Corbett State Park and ended our skiing at the parking area between Blue and Suttle Lakes. The trip took about 4½ hours including stops.

The skiers were Doris Allen, Mike Althaus, Dick Barrar, Bob and Leona Devine, Tom Donnelly, Joan Finholt, Bea Fontana, David German, Sally Grosscup, Jane Hackett, Joe Kintz, Herb McMurtry, Wes Prouty, Kurt Schultz, Chris Shuraleff, Gene Thaxton, Andy Thompson, Gerry Tomseth, Joe Turner, Tom Woxell and leader Dave Predeek.

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