Blair Lake

January 27, 1985

I think we all felt thankful that we arrived at our destination safely for we encountered frosty roads and two cars, one overturned and the other in the ditch. We drove up to the snowline on Rd 1934 to Blair Lake off Salmon Creek.

Some of the nine participants chose to walk the first half of the ski trip believing that it was easier to walk than skate around on the frozen snow. Because of the varied abilities of the skiers on the trip we arrived at the lake in stages with some leaving just as others arrived. The descent was again made in several ways—those who made it look easy were admired by those who made a few “sit-stops” and even carried their skis on the more steep, icy spots. About half way back to the cars it began to snow. Oh, if only not a day late and a snowflake short, we could certainly have used an inch or so of fresh powder. I think everyone agreed that it would be a perfect trip when snow and weather conditions are more favorable.

Skiers were Laura Alpert, Dick Barrar, Pete Cecil, Dallas Cole, Marcia Cutler, Hans Tschersich, Joe Turner, Ti Xiong and leader Mike Wright.

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