Lava Lake Road

January 12, 1985

The Lava Lake road loop is a delightful ski tour when conditions are right. Starting on FS Rd 2067 off Santiam Highway 20 about a mile west of the junction with 126, the road takes you past the swampy Lava Lake area, crosses Crescent Creek, and winds up a road with spectacular mountain views.

Our trip was blessed with sunshine and good views of the mountains. However, snow conditions changed throughout the day, not always for the best. After a pleasant lunch we had the misfortune to miss the road which would have brought us back around our proposed ten mile loop. Instead, we skied on to the dead end of the road, explored a couple of other false dead-end spurs, then retraced our tracks and once again missed the correct junction. So we skied back into the sunset, returning the way we had come, adding miles to our trip but relishing the rosy glow on mountain snow.

Then. . . “Sunset and evening star, and one clear call to me . . .” Get those troops back to the cars before dark! . . . Well, then, at least before midnight!

Slowed by equipment break-down and very tired skiers, the last of our group reached the highway after 7 p.m. Rather than bore you with hindsight and equivocations, I’ll just admit to great embarrassment for all the extra problems due to lack of scouting and knowledge of the route. The best part of the trip was the good humor with which the nine true outdoors persons accepted and dealt with the invonveniences and challenges. Thank you for being such good sports: Norm Benton, Bob and Leona Devine, Joan Finholt, Richard Heinzkill, Al Niems, Hans Tschersich, Gerri Tomseth, and Mike and Velma Shirk, leader.

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