Mt Pisgah

November 17, 1985

The trip promised to be Tire Mountain, Hardisty or Mt. Pisgah depending on the weather. The weather was suspect at best with snow on all the nearby hills and a chill in the air Sunday morning at 9 a.m. The decision was made to go to Mt. Pisgah and follow the river south and then cross-country up the hill. Sloshing through the wet and poison oak to the top were seven hearty people who decided against lunch in a blizzard. Visibility was zero, the chill also zero and the temperature of wet feet also near zero. By noon and approximately five miles later all were happy to return to warmer surroundings. Hiking were Barbara Chinn, Barbara Elsen, Maxine Hall, Gary Marx, Ruth Romoser and leaders Vi Johnson and Mary Ellen West.

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