Hell’s Half-Acre & Verdun Rock

October 20, 1985

This trip, like most, could be described differently by each participant. We would all agree that it was not rainy (thank goodness) and not “mostly level.” The trail is signed for Verdun Rock, clearly marked, and goes pleasantly through woods and meadows until it arrives at Hell’s Half-Acre, a large meadow. There are markers through the meadow which end without a clue about ascending Verdun Rock. A few hardy hikers bushwhacked up the ridge to the top of Verdun Rock, enjoyed the view, and returned to relax a few minutes with the others in the sun and comfortable grass of Hell’s Half-Acre. As we retraced our steps to the trailhead, there was curiosity about the naming of this marvelous meadow and about the variety of wildflowers which must abound there during the summer.

Reveling in a dry hike were members Bert Ewing, Judy Forell, Miki Hutchison, Suzanne Steussy, Anne Montgomery, and nonmembers Lou Bauder, Kathleen Eldred, Jery Rexford, Ardys Ringsdorf, Abbot and Iris Sayre with leader Mary Fulton.

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