Little Cowhorn Mountain

October 20, 1985

1985’s annual “long-way-round” Little Cowhorn trek (starting at Bedrock C.G. on Fall Creek Road) took us one mile east on Fall Creek Trail, 5.5 miles up Jones Trail, three miles on F.S. road 1817 and half a mile up recently revitalized Cowhorn Trail: Our efforts were rewarded with a wind-swept, 120 degree viewpoint … A brief stay in the watery sunshine (the fire lookout was securely shuttered for the winter) and the return 10 miles was completed almost before the rains fell about half way down Jones Trial, and without using the “mandatory” flashlights we all carried. The heavy rain turned almost cyclonic for the return, nightmare Bug ride back into town. “Long-route” Little Cowhorners were Ted Castell, Bob Foster, and leader John Cecil.

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