Twins Peak

October 19, 1985

Seventeen Obsidians and five welcome friends escaped a rainy Saturday in Eugene by hiking Twins Peak. After leaving the trailhead at 10:15 a.m., we spread into two groups, and the one with the earlier lead put in some extra mileage on the Pacific Crest Trial, as their leader passed the sign at the Peak’s turnoff. Her group enjoyed some leafy views of Waldo Lake and some lovely downhill terrain before regrouping and realizing this was too good to be true for the opening half of a hike that was anticipated to be uphill! We retraced our way to the proper trail, ascended and met the other half of our party when nearly to the top.

They had lunched on the windy heights of the first peak, the second being encrusted with ice and even windier. We spent a somewhat shorter time there enjoying views of Waldo Lake, grateful for the visibility to the south where Diamond Peak was crowned with snow and Cowhorn Mountain stood clear of the fog that had shrouded it the previous weekend. Snow lay in patches along much of the trail to the Twins, but the trail was in good condition and the day crisp and pleasant. This is not a long hike and even with our mixed mode of ascent, the last car left the trailhead shortly after 3:30 p.m.

Twins Peakers were Ted Briles, Derik and Marne Broekhoff, Leona Devine, Judith Engle, Gladys Orancorvitz, Dorothy Hayes, Mert Hayman, Vi Johnson, Keshab Kafly, Joan Keigher, Helen Lynch, Gary Marx, Alice Peterson, Virginia Prouty, Alys Riley, Sue Roe, Lois Schreiner, Pat Shaw, Elizabeth Zima, and John and Dallas Cole, leader.

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