LeConte Crater, Rock Mesa

October 13, 1985

An absolutely beautiful fall day greeted the intrepid hikers on this trip. We started from the parking lot at Devils Lake and wound through the woods on the trail leading to Wickiup Plains. There was quite a bit of snow to walk on but plenty of clear spaces too. After reaching the plain the group cross-countried to LeConte Crater where we had lunch. On the way Tom and John attempted climb of a small butte nearby. It was icy on top so they missed the top by about 15 feet. On descending they rejoined the women and continued to the Crater.

It was an ideal day for photography and Gayle, Trish and Mare all had cameras. Four days later Marge was to find that she had 36 blanks as the film slipped off the sprocket before the first picture. What a disappointment for her! The views of the mountains—Mt. Bachelor, South Sister, and Broken Top—were impressive as was the Crater itself. The partial covering of snow adds dramatically to the beauty.

As it turned out Gayle, Tom and Trish stayed with John and Marge in Bend Saturday night thus avoiding the long car trip. Those on the trip were Trish Hawkins, Gayle and Tom Ragsdale, Marge and John Kocher, leader.

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