Dorena Lake - Wildwood Falls

October 12, 1985

The morning began with a heavy shower but ended before the bike ride and stayed dry the rest of the day. It was cool and a pretty day with clouds drifting mainly over the sun. We got to Wildwood Falls a little early so we decided to go a bit further. We were delayed by a blackberry thorn in Shirley’s rear (of course) tire. Bob Devine had the proper patch kit and with three expert helpers we were on our merry way again. Lunch was enjoyed sitting next to the river. Upon return to the starting point we went up to Shirley’s log house for some hot chocolate. One of the drivers discovered she had left her lights on and came back to a dead battery. So with more helping hands and finally jumper cable all was made functional again. A fall ride along Dorena Lake is a most pleasant experience. The participants were Bob Devine, Carol Houde, Corrine Hunt and leader Shirley Froyd.

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