Crawfish Trail

October 5, 1985

The R/G Outdoor Activities column designate the Crawfish Trail as moderate-level. The ten who hiked it liked it, but all agreed that moderate-steep described it better.

The trail (Umpqua Ranger District) has much to offer, but is seldom used. Although it is well signed and kept clear of wind-fallen timber, parts of it are overgrown with foot snagging snarls of matted vines. With considerable elevation gain, it leads to a junction with the Knott Trail on the ridgeline running between Adams Mtn. and Elephant Mtn. Meandering through dense stands of old growth timber, the trail never opens up until the last half mile. In this section there stands a F.S. shelter in remarkably good repair, replete with two bunks, one sturdy table, and, hanging on the wall, a one gallon canteen on which is marked “Cottage Grove Fire Cache”. Surrounding the shelter were dozens of huckleberry bushes loaded with large, dark blue berries. Visions of pigging out on this bountiful crop were dashed with the first few random samplings of same. They were much too tart to tempt anyone but Barb who quickly picked a pint to take home (for Puckleberry Pie, no doubt).

After a leisurely late lunch on the ridge spent admiring the two views (the vast Umpqua drainage on the south side and the Sisters, Broken Top as well as Jeff to the north) a rapid descent was made back to the cars. However, there were a few pauses here and there to taste some of the sweeter berries in the area (black, thimble and salal).

Enjoying it all on a delightfully warm day in early October were Dee Bray, Barb Elsen, Shirley Froyd, Dorothy Hayes, Audrey Malloy, Gary Marx, Tom and Linda Wells, and Leona and Bob Devine, leader.

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