Devils Elbow Park & Siltcoos Lake

September 28, 1985

Beautiful weather on the coast made this relaxed hike a very pleasant experience. Although two weeks without rain may have hampered mushroom growth, mushrooms were still plentiful in the denser regions of the forest. The first stop was Devils Elbow State Park next to Heceta lighthouse. In the hillside hemlock stand just east of the lighthouse we found Chanterelles and a few Agaricus (Wooly-stemmed & Prince). Before heading into the brush we were treated by seeing a large sea lion swim through the surf almost to shore.

After most mushroom baskets and bags were more than half full we traveled to our second area south of Florence and next to Siltcoos River. Here we found a greater variety of mushrooms including Chanterelles, King Boletus, Coral, Honey, Lactarius, Dentinum and Swollen Stalked Cats. By the end of the hike everyone had more than enough good edible mushrooms for themselves and their families.

Mushroom hunters were Rick Ahrens, Rachel Major, Ted Briles, Jeri Rexford, Audrey Malloy, Sue Langston, Martha Mitchell, Gladys Grancorvitz, and leader Doug Schultz.

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