Mt. Yoran

September 14, 1985

A leader knows she/he has a good group of hikers when people show up for a view hike despite forecasts of rain and snow. Indeed, the rain began as we assembled in the parking lot so we beat a hasty exit out of Eugene to reassemble at the rest stop at Green Waters Park in Oakridge. There our spirits were buoyed up by the dry weather and drifting clouds. We began hiking at about quarter to ten, by noon we were at the lake at the base of Mt. Yoran. On the way there the sun broke through the clouds, the fog drifted away and we were able to get a few glimpses of the new snow on Diamond Peak. However, that was the last we saw of the sun and Diamond Peak. It drizzled on and off for the rest of the day, the drizzle turning to large wet snow flakes near the top. One person stayed at the lake where we had lunch, five people stayed at the saddle, and despite falling snow, three people made it to the top where inasmuch as there was no view at all because of the fog, they turned around and descended before the weather decided to take a change for the worse.

The return trip was enlivened by the hunt for mushrooms for Laramie Palmer, our mycological expert to identify. A hefty two-pound specimen was discovered and picked by Ted Palmer. Back at the car Laramie Palmer found a loaf of pumpkin bread in her car which she insisted she didn’t want to take back to Eugene, so we all obligingly assisted her in disposing of it. The group of damp but intrepid hikers consisted of Audrey Cummings, Liz Glover, Maggie Gortrum, Roger Nicholls, Laramie and Ted Palmer, Bob Ringelmann, Ardys Ringsdorf, and Richard Heinzkill, leader.

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