Noonday Ridge

August 31, 1985

The Eugene contingent met the Creswell, Cottage Grove, and Roseburg contingents at the parking lot of El Gordos Restaurant in Cottage Grove and then drove on out past Lake Dorena to the Bohemia mining area. The trail signals your legs right away that it doesn’t fool around getting you up there. It starts right up and elevates you at a good angle all the way. It is a pretty trail through the trees with some views to the adjoining tree covered ridges. We walked past a couple of mine entrances which you couldn’t have entered even if you’d wanted to. One had water in front of it much deeper than it looked.

We all enjoyed the cool morning and warm afternoon. On the return trip we stopped off at the leader’s log house for a refreshing drink. Noonday Ridge hikers were Ted Briles, Gladys Grancorvitz, Dorothy Hayes, Joan Keigher, Patricia Kelvin, Toolie Mullikin, Paula Vehrs, Gloria Youngbaver and Shirley Froyd, leader.

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