Linton Meadows

August 26-29, 1985

The trip was billed as one of the most beautiful trips in the Three Sisters Wilderness—and it was! Co-leader Marjorie took Tom, Gayle and Helen in on Monday, the 26th and stayed a half mile below Obsidian Falls the first night. The group then proceeded to Eileen Lake on Tuesday. John and Bob Foster went the distance to Eileen on Tuesday and met the rest of the group. The weather was beautiful—cool, sunny, delightful.

On Wednesday Bob took off on his own for a climb of the “Wife”, a 7054 foot peak eight miles south of the meadow. After this he went over to Chambers Lake area and returned as planned at 7 p.m. John calculated he went at least 22 miles. The rest of the group went to Husband Lake. There John and Helen decided to climb the Husband (7524 feet) while Marge, Gayle and Tom went around Linton Meadows to Linton Falls, the source of Linton Creek. The falls are one of the great wonders of the Three Sisters. John and Helen came down from the Husband and then also visited the falls. That evening we saw three deer in the meadow, an eagle flying overhead and numerous smaller birds and critters. Thursday we all hiked out after thoroughly enjoying the trip.

Linton Meadows backpackers were Bob Foster, Tom and Gayle Ragsdale, Helen Reed and leaders Marge and John Kocher.

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