Lamb Butte

August 25, 1985

For the first time in several years, a hike was made to Lamb Butte and was well worth the effort, thanks to a big assist from Henrietta Richmond.

Sixteen of us left the SEHS lot in beautiful weather on Sunday, August 25th. We arrived at the trailhead without incident except for changing a tire on the leaders’ auto. The first mile plus is a steady uphill pull or push, whatever the case may be. After that the trail is quite level with excellent views of all the mountains from Jefferson to Bachelor. We arrived at Lamb Butte shortly before noon (however, Henrietta corrected us and said we had arrived at Taylor Castle instead). She then guided our party up through the brush until we cut into an abandoned trail to the top of Lamb Butte. An excellent view from atop the butte and nice warm sunshine to relax in. After lunch, we returned to the main trail by following the abandoned trail all the way back down.

After a dusty drive back to Cougar Reservoir, we arrived back in Eugene shortly before 5 p.m. Hikers were Vernon Barkhurst, Jacqueline Chama, Judy Forell, Cathy Fitzgerald, Shirley Froyd, Corinne Hunt, Dot Leland, Gene Likes, Mary Millman, Karen Rich, Henrietta Richmond, Ardys Ringsdorf, Rob Roy, Paula Vehrs, and leaders Ellen and Bob Tracy.

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