Linton Meadows

August 24, 1985

Our party of four began hiking at Frog Camp. The sky was partially overcast and it soon warmed up. As we headed south along the Pacific Crest Trail we noticed three backpackers resting along the way. One turned out to be K.C. Kraft, a former Obsidian Board member who moved to California last year. He was traveling by himself and stopped to chat with two young brothers who were in the process of hiking the entire Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. They began hiking across the Mojave Desert in April and expected to reach Canada in October, averaging 24 miles per day.

It was fairly late as we descended into Linton Meadows. We walked directly over to Linton Springs which comes directly out of the face of a cliff and tumbles down the steep mountainside. As we returned to Frog Camp, the sky darkened and it began to rain lightly but the clouds soon dissipated.

Our small group included Bob Foster, Sue Girardeau, Velma Shirk and leader David Predeek.

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