Pine Mountain Observatory

August 23-24, 1985

Pine Mtn offered its usual cliff hanger beginning. Late in the afternoon the skies around Bend clouded over, it felt muggy and I wondered about thunder storms on Pine Mtn. But at 8:30 p.m., as the group gathered in the campground to go up to the Observatory under partially cloudy skies, it was still a question as to whether we would be able to use the telescopes. We were guided to the 24" dome and then on to the 32" where Paul, our guide, stood on a step ladder scanning the sky and clouds for an opening with a star. As luck would have it Jupiter was in an opening. So we all got to make the journey up a step ladder and look at this planet and three of its moons. I think the universal feeling was that it would be a difficult life sitting on top of this unstable perch trying to make a living and study the universe.

It was a good trip for Kim, Julie and Seth Christensen, Pat and Bob Dark, Jason and Tom Donnelly, Rick and Aaron Grosscup, Jan Baker Jacobsen, Janet Legris, Betty Macy, Marty and Harlo Perrin, Chris Shuraleff, Susan, Adrian and Jolene Thompson, Dorothy Turner, and Jane Hackett, leader.

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