Rock Mesa/Wickiup Plains

August 18, 1985

Rock Mesa and the Wickiup Plains are beautiful. At the first look of the Wickiup Plains/Rock Mesa/South Sister view one must pause and, while soaking up the magnificent scene, be grateful that the view is still pristine and not destroyed in the interest of mining pumice. Four Obsidians found their way to this area via the Green Lakes trail past Moraine Lake and on to the vista of the western and southern side of the South Sister. The trail from the Devils Lake/South Sister junction to the Plains has been restored/relocated and makes hiking easier. The group walked around LeConte Crater and into the Plains. The day was warm, the mountains clear and an occasional cloud cover did not dampen the enthusiasm for this spectacular area. Hiking were Obsidians Bob Foster, Maxine Hall, and leaders Vi Johnson and Mary Ellen West.

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