Triangulation Peak

August 11, 1985

Our hike to Triangulation Peak started at Cheat Creek off Whitewater Road near Mt. Jefferson. After two miles of very steep trail we crossed Wild Cheat Meadow in waist high grass and almost invisible trail. No sign of anyone using the trail. Three miles of level trail brought us to the base of Triangulation Peak and the half mile trail to the top.

Boca Cave on the east side of a secondary peak is a house-sized cave and well worth the time to explore. Great views of Mt. Jefferson can be had from the mouth of this cave and many other spots along the trail. Hood to South Sister views from the top of the peak. (A hot summer hike is not complete without a cool swim. Joanne, Bob and Lee found Cheat Creek very cold.)

Returning home late by way of Detroit and Albany were Cathy Fitzgerald, Bob Foster, Joanne Haines, Gene Likes, Tom Woxell, and Lee Hatch, leader.

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