Black Crater

August 4, 1985

Reasonably cool weather made the first steep section of the Black Crater ascent less onerous than usual, and a group of speedy hikers reached the summit in record time. Our timing really was excellent. The strong, chilly wind that forced us into sweaters and jackets whipped away the clouds covering the North Sister as we finished lunch. We enjoyed the spectacular views while Mike identified wildflowers, JoAn took pictures, Mary Ellen pointed out the Pacific Crest and other trails below us, and Parker reminisced about the non-assualt of the Husband. The leader brought up the rear of the hiking party and used the change in altitude as an excuse (she had been hiking in the Tetons the Previous week). The enormous number of cars and tourists at Dee Wright Memorial was in stark contrast to the wilderness experience we had all enjoyed.

Black Crater hikers were George Cole, JoAn Conway, Tom Ellis, Joanne Haines, Mike Horowitz, John Hudson, Jon Levy, Helene O’Rourke, Parker Riddle, Mary Ellen West, and leader Karen Seidel.

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