Rooster Rock

June 30, 1985

We left, the parking lot at 0830 under overcast skies. Driving the scenic route through Marcola and Sweet Home we arrived at the trailhead around 1000. By that time the cloud cover was burning off and the sunshine was taking over. We headed up the trail and were surprised at the number of wildflowers we found. The red huckleberries were ripe and tasty which slowed our progress somewhat. Repeated encounters with garter snakes on the trail also slowed us somewhat.

We were all on the rocky viewpoint above Rooster Rock by 1300. We ate lunch and enjoyed the view while basking in the warm sunshine. As we watched, a climber appeared on top of the South Rabbit Ear north of us. He was joined by two others, and we watched, sharing Arden’s mini-telescope, as the three descended the south face using repeated rappels.

Finally we packed up and headed down. It was amazing how many new flowers we found on the way down apparently having missed them on the way up. Among our finds were candystick and coralroot.

We returned to the trailhead around 1545. After looking up from the parking area for a last view of Rooster Rock we headed back to town arriving around 1730. Hikers were Marie Grauille, Carol Houde, Arden Johnson and leader Dan Bates.

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