Lucky Boy-Rialto Mines

June 23, 1985

This annual trip became a little too popular this year with 36 people showing up at the parking lot. Many of them had not signed up—just showed up! In spite of the group’s size we managed to have a very nice day visiting Lucky Boy and Rialto Mines and the many acres of old machinery connected with the mines.

Many thanks again to our gold expert and miner Troy Emmett for his gold panning lessons and explanations of the equipment and machinery that we were viewing. Troy had a couple ounces of nuggets along to snow us what we were looking for.

Enjoying the sunshine and the beautiful roaring Quartz Creek and waterfalls were Rick Miens, John Baugness, Dorinda Bankston, Joan Benson, Lou Boudell, Suzanne Cieutat, Troy Emmett, Bob Foster, Roger Galka, Gladys Grancorvitz, Marie Graville, Jane Hackett, Rebecca Hansen, Edye Harrison, Mike Horowitz, Carol Houde, Dorothy Hayes, John Jacobsen, Ed Lichtenstein, Bobbie Kalbfleisch, Saundra Miles, Anne Montgomery, Bob, Keena and Jim Northrup, Jeff Potter, Alys Riley, Ardys Ringdorf, Susan Roe, Ann Strolher, Jane Tucker, Nola Shurtleff, Shane Terrel, Ethel Weltman, Linda Wells, and leader Gene Thaxton.

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