Father’s Day Bike Ride

June 16, 1985

An Incredibly beautiful day and twelve of us headed for the bike trails along the river past the rose gardens which were in full splendor, then on to Owosso Bridge. The route went through a beautiful residential neighborhood and on to some bike trails that few in the party had ever been on or had known to exist. Donna Eimstad had lust claimed that she had been on every bike trail in Eugene. She was eating those words for breakfast by the time we crossed the Knickerbocker Bridge.

After that the party fell apart. Bonnie Ledford and Nola Shurtleff, with old style bikes, preferred a less strenuous assault on the hill to the lodge and used a more modern form of transportation. Barb Elsen, Bob Devine, Jim Kezar, Sig Otto, Jan Baker Jacobsen and John Jacobsen followed Marriner Orum on a cross country route to the lodge via foot trails through Hendricks Park. Carolyn Drum, Hans Otto and Donna Eimstad declined to go along. Through the years Carolyn has had enough of Marriner’s side trips.

The trip was concluded with the usual superb breakfast at the Obsidian lodge.

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