Cone Peak

June 15, 1985

After driving the McKenzie Hwy, Clear Lake Cutoff and west on the Santiam Hwy, 23 hikers met at Lost Prairie Campground. We had a rest stop and snack and put on boots. Another few miles west on the Santiam and we parked at Tombstone Prairie ready to start up Cone Peak. The day was gorgeous and we hit a prime time for many flowers—larkspur, avalanche lilies, paintbrush.

We followed a good trail to the bench below Cone Peak From there on it is a matter of finding a way up a very steep side on a mixture of rocky (much of it loose) and grassy footing. One hiker didn’t feel well so stopped at the bench but 22 worked their ways up and enjoyed a clear view of all the peaks from Hood to Diamond. Unfortunately, one of the hikers lost her footing just as she started down and somersaulted 20 to 30 feet down the side. But, fortunately, she was not seriously hurt. A number of us stayed with her and I sent the rest of the party on. After 30 to 40 minutes she was ready to sit up and was able to make it down to the bench with the good help of other hikers and to hike on her own from there on out.

This is a wonderful hike and I recommend it for the flowers and the view but be careful! The hikers were Obsidians Bob Foster, Henrietta Richmond, Wilma Moore, Marge Kocher, Margaret Wiese, Helen Lynch, Virginia Prouty and Fred Schepman, non-Obsidians Joe Austin, Suzanne Cieutat, Genie Currier, Erma Johnson, Frances MacLean, Karen Rich, Margo Spielman, Roger Galka, Ardys Ringsdorf, Nola Shurtleff, Ted Briles, Gary Haller, Rebecca Hansen, Joan Keigher and leader Catherine Jones.

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