Pueblo Mountains (Desert Trail)

June 10-15, 1985

An 885-mile round trip car journey was a necessary adjunct to this year’s 23-mile backpack across the Pueblo Mountains section of the Desert Trail in Southeastern Oregon. Blue skies and a total absence of rain, little snow on the ridge tops, fantastic scenery, masses of wild subalpine flowers, a lack of promised rattlesnakes but sights and sounds of various other animals “sufficient” potable water and a congenial group all combined to make this a distinctive and rewarding desert experience. (The noonday heat was a little tiring!!)

The small sign up (which shrank rapidly from the group initially showing an interest) posed potential car shuttling snags early in the trip. Extensive road repairs at “The Narrows” obviated last year’s long detour via Princeton in arriving at the (Fields) trailhead.

Particular note was taken of the extensive trail work undertaken recently, resulting in a safer, less hair-raising descent into steep, steep Denio Canyon and the subsequent journey through to the parked shuttle car. Thank you, unnamed DTA trail maintenance crews!!!

Sad to say, beer-swilling vandals had burned and completely destroyed the handsome trailhead register in the canyon.

Desert Trail backpackers were Betty Macy, Tim Cook, and leader John Cecil.

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