Rebel Rock Loop

June 9, 1985

This trip was a repeat performance of last year’s Rebel Rock Loop trip that ended up being labeled “The Rebel Rock Death March.” Indeed, just because we lost the trail for awhile and slogged through endless snow fields. I believe the rumor did spread however, because only three very strong hikers signed up for the trek. This years trip was a real gem by comparison. The snow was mostly melted out and was no problem. The weather was right out of the weather station’s special order department—warm, sunny, slight breeze, puffy white clouds here and there—WOW! It was still about 15 miles, however.

This beautiful hike started up Rebel Creek about 10 a.m. We were at the base of Rebel Rock about 1:30 p.m. and spent a lunch stop hour lounging around, admiring the super clear view of the Cascade mountains. Further down the ridge we made a short stop at the lookout. Finally, one must face the endless four miles or so down the steep Rebel Rock Trail. We arrived at the car about 530 p.m. This very interesting and strong group of Rebel trekkers were Sam Miller, Hans Tschersich, Li Xiong and leader Ed Lovegren.

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