Bunchgrass Backpack

June 8-9, 1985

An innocent crew assembled to hike a section of the Eugene to Cascade Crest Trail. We began at Big Bunchgrass Meadow where a similar trip ended in June 1984.

Our first task was to hike along the ridge to the southeast where there was once a trail (which we never found). It was fairly good ridge top hiking, but had an ample supply of downed timber and prickly currant to initiate us to bushwhacking. We hiked a short distance on roads 379 and 5883 before setting forth on the High Divide Trail which soon crossed a clear cut and had to be rediscovered on the other side. It seemed a short distance through the woods before we edged a second clearcut and continued on our way. Our overnight camp was on a level spot just below a high rocky promontory near Deer Camp. There were a variety of things to enjoy about the day: plentiful rhododendron in bloom, clear running streams, cooling snow, good company, a sunset view from the rocky point of the valley we had come to know, sleeping bags and tents to escape the mosquitoes.

The second day we continued along the High Divide Trail, or on snow that covered much of the trail, to Waldo Lake and South Waldo Shelter. Our hike went around Waldo then out past Betty Lake to the wafting shuttle vehicle. One more natural pleasure awaited us—the sight of a coyote loping along the logging road as we returned from the shuttle. Finally we indulged in strawberry sundaes before declaring that it had been a good trip. Hikers were Dorinda Bankston, Bert Ewing, Rebecca Hansen, Betty Macy, Pat Queen and leader Mary Fulton (who mostly followed).

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