Brownsville Bike Trip

June 8, 1985

After a week of record setting rain, the clouds parted, the sun shone through and four happy cyclers took off for Brownsville. A strong N’ly wind did greatly impede our forward progress but, as seasoned bikers always do (there being little choice), it was taken in stride. Our last hurdle (Rattlesnake Gap where the wind velocity doubled and the wind pressure squared) helped to whet our appetites for our “third oldest city in Oregon lunch stop.”

While slipping in the Pioneer Market for something to eat, Corinne and Judith learned that the town was being taken over by a movie company. Signs of this were evident high on a hill overlooking town where carpenters were busy fabricating a movie set that had a gazeboish look to it. From all appearances this was the most exciting event in Brownsville’s long history—the Great Fire of ’86 excepted, of course.

On our return ride the wind repaid a debt by pushing us along at a good clip—requiring little effort on our part. Upon our arrival back in Coburg the leader’s trip odometer registered 48.8 miles. This made it a worthy spring tune-up ride for everyone—especially for Carol who will soon be spending three weeks biking and hiking in Ireland. Enjoying a lovely day of riding on lightly trafficked back country roads were Judith Engle, Carol Houde, Corinne Hunt and leader Bob Devine.

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