French Pete

May 26, 1985

Twenty-three people had signed up by the time I picked up the sign up sheet on Friday. So, rather than calling my friends to tell them they couldn’t go on my hike, I decided to divide the group. We ended up with 34 hikers and 2 no shows. I coerced Parker Riddle and Dave Predeek into leading a group each so three groups hiked into the French Pete area.

The weather was great. The area was more beautiful than I remembered and I decided to not wait another 5 years before hiking there again. The groups of hikers were congenial—the only problem with so many people is that you don’t get a chance to talk to each person. And thanks, Parker and Dave for being so helpful.

French Peters were Dorinda Bankston, Lorrita Davidson, Joyce Brooker, Maude Caldwell, Mae Jackson, Ellen Cronkrite, Judith Engle, Shirley Froyd, Bill Loy, Gladys Grancorvitz, Mert Hayman, Nancy Hodges, Mike Horowitz, Sandra Larsen, Whitey Lueck, Helen Lynch, Rachel Major, Robert Mauro, Saundra Miles, Marlene and Richard Mayers, Diane Mayes-Landrum, Mary Millman, Skip Moses, Kathy Perkins, John Pilafian, Dave Predeek, Virginia Prouty, Parker Riddle, Nola Shurtleff, Ben and Norma Teich, Judy Terill, and leader Dorothy Hays.

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