McKenzie Bridge Ranger Station to Eugene

May 22, 1985

At 4:40 a.m. four dedicated bikers loaded their cycles into the #16 LTD bus, then settled down for the 90 minute ride to the McKenzie Bridge Ranger Station. The fare was a nominal $1.65 for two of our party, and a phenomenal 25¢ for Larry and Bob (both qualifying for 65 or over). The bikes were carried on special racks inside the bus at no extra charge.

The pedal pushing part started at 6:15 a.m. The eastern sky was still colorful, and the air had as yet to lose its sharp crispness as we set a brisk pace for home. McKenzie View Rd. provided us with the first of many off-highway by-passes. Added mileage helped to whet appetites for the 3-egg omelets and blueberry pancakes that lay ahead at the White Water Cafe in Blue River.

Later, with breakfast behind us, we resumed our 73 mile ride, taking every possible scenic side road to minimize travel on Highway 126. Doris’s speed and stamina were outstanding, especially so since she was still recovering from a recent bike-car accident. Bill gave us a running account of all the many (!) parcels of land that he had surveyed along the route, while Larry and the leader conserved their breath for the considerable energy demands of the task at hand.

The tag end of the rather long ride was made over Camp Creek Rd. followed by the welcome flatness of the EWEB Powerline bikepath through Springfield. Back in town in good time for lunch were the indefatigable four: Doris Allen, Larry Cash, Bill Eimstad, and leader Bob Devine.

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