Eugene/Springfield Bike Trip

May 15, 1985

On May 15 Herta Tschersich, Mary Bremner and I (Carolyn Orum) met at SEHS parking lot at 10 a.m. We followed bicycle routes to the river going east to Springfield, then to the EWEB bike route over to 31st St. where we met Rose Marie Moffitt. This foursome rode along Hayden Bridge Road Into Marcola to the McKenzie View highway and up and over to Armitage Park for a lunch break.

Herta was on her first real ride on her brand new Peugeot, a birthday present surprise from her husband. On Coburg Road we pointed Rose Marie back towards Springfield, and the rest of us headed for the new Owosso Bridge and back to Eugene along the river bikeway from the other direction. 30 miles of easy riding on the most beautiful spring day yet proved life can be beautiful!

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