Owyhee River Raft Trip

May 12-15, 1985

The lowest recommended level to run the Owyhee River is 1000 cubic feet per second. When our group left the put-in at Rome, Oregon the river was running at 1200 cubic feet and we knew our work was cut out for us. We were going to do a 5 day trip in 3½ days. The sky was clear but the wind was blowing hard up stream and it was cold. There was practically no current and with the wind blowing up stream we had to row all the first day. Because of the low water level we were dodging rocks most of the time but we didn’t have any major problems until we got to Rock Dam Rapids. We felt it was not passable so we did a 2½ hours portage. The rest of the trip went O.K. but I was very glad it was such a strong group. It was a hard trip but a good one.

Owyhee rafters were Tom Donnelly, Bea Fontana, Jane Hackett, Joe Lowry, Chris Shuraleff, Gene Thaxton, Tom Woxell, and Pat and Bob Dark, leader.

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