Coburg Bike Trip

May 8, 1985

How nice to reach the age where one can take a day off in the middle of the week and go for a bike ride! We met at Alton Baker Park, did the dippety-doo around and over the Ferry St. Bridge, followed the river bike path to the Owosso Bridge, taking the longest route we could think of to Coburg. We crossed the Willamette again and rode a short way on gravel over to Goodpasture island Rd, Norkenzie Rd., and Crescent Ave. to Coburg Rd., then out to a rest stop at Armitage Park.

The sun was growing warmer and by this time many of us were in shorts and shirt sleeves. We arrived in Coburg just in time to hear the noon siren, which we took as our cue for lunch in the city park. Some of us broke our diets with monster cookies from the nearest grocery store while others snoozed in the sun.

We returned home by way of McKenzie View Drive and Hayden Bridge Road where leader Rose Marie, Dick, and Gwen dropped out at the Moffitt home. Bob Devine took over the responsibility of leading the group on the EWEB Bike Path through the wilds of North Springfield and back to Alton Baker Park.

Bicyclists were Dallas Cole, Bob Devine, Gwen Easterly, Mary Jane Lea, Allan Sorenson, and Dick and Rose Marie Moffitt, leader.

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