Mt. June

April 28, 1985

Five Obsidians braved the elements for the rescheduled trip to Mt. June. A sixth person was signed up but didn’t show, and I suspected that she forgot to change her clock on this first day of Daylight Saving Time. (Found out later that I assumed correctly, but she did get out with the trail maintenance gang.)

We began our hike at 9 a.m. having parked the car near the beginning of the half-mile stretch of poor road that takes one to the Eagle Rest trailhead. A few trillium were blooming along the lower portions of the trail. We encountered snow on the trail at the clear cut area and had snow on most of the trail the rest of the way to Mt. June. Along the ridge on the Sawtooth Trail toward Mt. June we saw some wildflowers brave enough to venture out at the edge of the snow: small bunches of spring queen, a calypso or two, a few yellow violets, and on a rocky opening some desert parsley. As we gained elevation the snow became deeper and was at least 18 inches deep on portions of the northwest and west sides of Mt. June. Only occasionally did anyone sink knee deep, so we were fortunate that it wasn’t a plowing ascent. The rocky outcrop near the summit was completely covered with snow and therefore was not graced by its usual profusion of wildflowers. This hike was graded as medium, but because of the snow conditions it became a difficult trip.

This leader lead from the rear so was the last to summit, arriving just before noon. The top was clear of snow, the fog drifted in and out, but the wind was not strong enough to make us hunt for a sheltered place to eat lunch. Too bad the weather was poor as we had no view at all, and I know that one can get a fantastic view of the mountains and valleys on a clear day. After a leisurely lunch we retraced our steps expecting a difficult descent because of all the snow, but it was much easier than I had imagined. As we returned the clouds dropped even lower and enveloped us in fog which eventually turned to a light rain shortly before reaching the trailhead. Once in the open we got even wetter as we raced down the road, but we were prepared for the worst and reached the car about 2:30 p.m.; back in Eugene by 3:30. (This is the second trip this year that I have lead on a rainy, cool Sunday with the day before and the day after being beautiful weather!)

Mt. June “climbers” were Barb Elsen, Judith Engle, Bob Foster, Carolyn Kompanik and leader Lois Schreiner.

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