William L. Finley Wildlife Refuge

April 27, 1985

We did some birdwatching at the start of our day with an LCC class we met at McFaddens Marsh. Next was exploring around the old red barn and the historic Failing Cottage, and talking to Doug Mackey, the public use officer. He gave us some information about the refuge and reminded us that collecting wildlife or plants or parts thereof is strictly forbidden on National Wildlife Refuges and is allowed only by permit. After visiting Refuge Headquarters we had lunch at Cabell Marsh. Next stop was Discovery Loop (renamed Woodpecker Loop). At the end of this trail there is a large, new wooden observation platform which overlooks the refuge. This is an ideal spot for lunch. Finally the loop around Grey Swamp, through the lush green maple forest and a relaxing stretch out along Beaver Pond ended our hike.

Hikers at the end of the day shared with others what was most special to them. For some it was the birds at Cabell Marsh or the owl pellets or the frogs jumping in the pond; for others the restoration of Failing Cottage, for Shirley a dried up kitten carcass, and for Suzanne a dead hummingbird; still others the quiet moments on the mossy trail watching the forest canopy swaying in the wind on Maple Knoll. A fun, warm experience for Ted Castell, Genie Currier, Shirley Froyd, Robert Mauro, Betty Metzler, Cherylyn Peterson, Ethel and Suzanne Steussy and leader Dorothy Leland.

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